Evolution Experience

Where are we? How did we get here? Where are we going?

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As humans we have arrived at a point in time where we have to reinvent ourselves in order to continue our existence on this planet. We are in a phase of turmoil as our old solutions and old ways of thinking increasingly fail to address today's pressing issues, ranging from climate change, healthcare, energy and monetary systems to peaceful coexistence on this planet.

Many new promising solutions are emerging, although currently on a small scale, as we have not yet matured into a culture based on a more complex mindset that can solve the issues at hand.

In this workshop, participants explore how humanity has evolved and arrived at this moment in time through games, role-play, drama, exercises and lectures, using the Spiral Dynamics model as a guide. We will experience the life conditions of tribal life, warlord's conquests, hierarchical nations, capitalist marketplaces, consensual communities and newly emerging viral networks. We explore what mindset is required for us to move forward and what the qualities are of this new way of thinking.

IMG 6278This is a lively workshop for those who enjoy learning through experiencing and playing. Not only is it fun to learn in this way, but it also turns out to be much more effective in internalizing the knowledge and essence of Spiral Dynamics. Participants go through both an inner journey as well as an exploration of the external life conditions, providing healing and integration to both the individual and the collective.

WEB 3190Learning starts before the workshop, as participants are asked to explore their past in a creative way. Additionally, they also have the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire, which will provide insight into their personal Spiral Dynamics profile.

Past participants who were already familiar with Spiral Dynamics say that this workshop significantly deepened their understanding of the model and its dynamics.

The evolution Experience can be offered in-house, to communities or organizations.

WEB 1558There is no prerequisite to participating in the workshop. It is aimed at all who are interested in learning more about human and societal development and in finding clarity in our current complex world. It will be of specific interest to coaches, trainers and those working with personal, organizational and societal changes and transformation.