Cultural Surveys

diensten onderzoekFor organizations who want to gain insight into the dynamics between employees and organizations, but who do not possess the knowledge and experience with the ValueMatch instruments, we provide personal value assessments, team assessments or a complete organizational culture research. These include providing insight into the dynamics between human and organizational culture, the change that employees want, the change potential of the employees and which of the 27 measuring points has priority.

Based on your wishes we create a customized program. Those wishes may include:

  • Gain insight into how employees experience the current culture and how they would like it to be;
  • Intervention strategies to achieve the desired culture;
  • Revealing the cultural differences between organizational units and with this the existing tensions between them;
  • Seeing how personal values relate to those of the team;
  • Be able to assess where the structure and culture in an organization reinforce each other and counteract each other;
  • Comparing the cultures with the personal drives of employees, whether these match or cause tension;
  • Ditto for the team drives, and the extent to which these clash with the organization culture
  • Derive whether an organization/team/individual is able to cope with what is asked of them; gain insight into the source of conflict situations

You can choose for an online analysis, but we can also provide workshops and advice on site. Our own advisers are happy to do this but they cannot be everywhere at once, so we can also put you in contact with one of our certified practitioners in one of the countries where ValueMatch is active.

All our assessments are available in Dutch, English and German.