IMG 0345createdbybeYOUtifulPhotographybyWendyvanHardeveldValueMatch provides full personal reports will all assessments. These contain an explanation of Spiral Dynamics, the assessment and a section with a personal interpretation of the specific profile.

For professionals who are familiar with the Spiral Dynamics method and are experienced users of ValueMatch tools, we supply PDF documents with the graphs and tables of the profiles. These profiles can be used, interpreted and explained in personal interviews or as part of workshops.

Based on our experience with using these tools in coaching, training and organization culture analyses, we have developed a number of unique algorithms with which we can interpret the profiles and offer a personal analysis and advice. Participants that have completed the questionnaire gain a direct understanding of their drives and of the dynamics at play in their environment

These reports can be handed out after coaching interviews or workshops, or can be provided to the participants in advance by way of preparation. Naturally, one of our partners can always add more depth to the report or standard profile in a personal interview.