Spiral Dynamics level 3 mentor program

Spiral Dynamics Model EN 72dpiTogether with our UK based partner Jon Freeman, ValueMatch offers an online Spiral Dynamics level 3 mentor program to those who want to further deepen their knowledge of Spiral Dynamics and get guidance in the practical application in projects.

This program provides participants on-the-job training. An experienced Spiral Dynamics level 4 Master practitioner coaches you individually and in your professional practice, while you apply your knowledge of Spiral Dynamics in making analysis and designing interventions. This may focus on a specific project you are conducting or on the application of Spiral Dynamics specifically in your job. If your specialism is in coaching and leadership development we will orient the mentorship around that.  Successful completion of this training course means that you have demonstrated your ability to work with SDi in an independent and applied manner. You have also added value to the worldwide SDi community.


We start with an extensive intake conversation, in which you and your mentor explore the central research question, formulate it and work it out into a research proposal. If this is considered feasible, you can start with the SDi-3 programme. You write a detailed plan of approach, which you carry out under the supervision of ValueMatch or one of our partners in a maximum of 18 months. We conclude with a paper in which you reflect on the process (on the basis of the STAR model).


  • - Intake: € 475.- excl. 21% VAT
  • - Personal trajectory SDi Senior Practitioner (level 3): € 3975.- excl. 21% VAT.
  • - SDi ValueMatch profiles according to need (€ 70.- excl. VAT per profile)

Note: you can only follow this program if you are in possession of an SDi level 2 - certificate. Don't have one yet? Look in the agenda for SDi courses level 1 and 2.


Ready to start? Because it's a 1-on-1 training, you can start at a time that suits you. Simply click the button here to apply for the program.



After following this program, you will receive the SDi level 3 - certificate.

Study load

The study load depends on the research question and is best determined after the intake. In any case, we anticipate ten contact sessions of 1 ½ hours. The daily practice is the learning subject.

For whom

This training is suitable for anyone who wants to use Spiral Dynamics as a change toolkit for complex change processes or developmental contexts, has a professional practice to apply it in and is in possession of an SDi level 2 – certificate relevant to the pathway their mentorship will follow.