Online system

diensten onlineValueMatch uses an online system that is state-of-the-art in terms of ease of use, access security and data security.

Survey respondents receive a personal email containing a personally encoded link (URL). A single mouse-click will take them to the questionnaire. Even if multiple profiles are to be composed, respondents only need to complete a single (composite) questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire generally takes between 30 and 75 minutes, depending on the number of assessments someone fills out.

Subscribers to ValueMatch can choose between conducting the survey independently or leaving it wholly to ValueMatch. A survey conducted by ValueMatch looks like this:

  • The subscriber requests the survey by completing an electronic form with relevant information such as names and email addresses, and the date by which the profiles are required;
  • ValueMatch sends each respondent a personal invitation containing a link to the personal questionnaire. A single mouse-click will take the respondent to the questionnaire;
  • ValueMatch will keep track of who has completed the questionnaire, sending reminders if and when necessary;
  • Upon completion of the survey, the data are processed and the subscriber receives the requested profiles electronically;
  • After requesting the survey, there is nothing the subscriber needs to do or keep track of. He or she will receive a confirmation as soon as someone has completed the questionnaire, providing an overview of the progress;
  • There is no additional charge for this service.


ValueMatch ensures the security of data in several ways. A number of security aspects are:

  • Our databases combine high protection with high availability, as any crash in one system will automatically cause another system to take over.
  • Comparable to the technology used for online banking, the communication between respondents and the online system is encrypted and well protected.
  • ValueMatch solely stores the names and email addresses of respondents, and no other personal data. This information can also by anonymised, on request.
  • The generated profiles are obviously treated with full confidentiality and only made available to the subscribers that have applied for them, or directly to the respondent.