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"We create work environments where people can flourish"

ValueMatch was established in 2011 and offers its services worldwide. It came into being as a result of the lack of reliable assessment instruments based on the work of Graves and Spiral Dynamics which could be deployed by development-oriented organizations. The core of this approach is that it takes the development of personal values as the starting principle when searching for the most suitable work environment. This is a dynamic process, meaning that work that was once inspiring may at some point become tedious. Understanding the way values develop is key to this process of exploration.

Auke van Nimwegen en Paul Zuiker, oprichters van ValueMatchAuke van Nimwegen and Paul Zuiker, founders of ValueMatch 

In addition, we recognize that the dominant values of an organizational culture are not necessarily the sum of the values of its employees. As a result, we regularly see that the mismatch between human and organizational culture acts as a source underlying many tensions, conflicts and inefficiencies in business operations. That’s why in addition to the personal assessments, ValueMatch has also developed instruments which map the organizational culture. Research from Graves shows that the proper connection between the employee's values and the values of the work environment is essential to reach a well-functioning organization.

ValueMatch consists of a team of specialists who have extensive experience in organizational advice, coaching, the practical application of Spiral Dynamics and the teaching of Spiral Dynamics Integral in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and online around the world. We have been certified by Don Beck for issuing SDI level 1, 2 and 3 certificates.

In addition, we work with a network of experienced professionals, many of whom have many years’ experience with Spiral Dynamics. This gives us the unique ability to rapidly validate newly developed instruments in practice and use practical feedback to continually improve and enhance our services.

We offer most of our services online, which enables us to serve our extensive customer network instantly.  Our assessments are available in several languages.

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