ValueMatch Certified Practitioner & subscriptions

ValueMatch Certified logo amber low resolutionValueMatch provides comprehensive reports for all of its assessments which include a clear explanation of Spiral Dynamics, the assessment and a personal interpretation. However, professionals with knowledge and experience of our assessments are able to provide a more in-depth interpretation and are skilled at applying this information in order to achieve sustainable changes with their clients.

We offer professionals who are interested in working with our assessments, a ValueMatch Certified Practitioner training course. This training will give you all the information you need about our instruments and you will be able to put this into practice straight away under our supervision. These trainings are suitable for consultants, coaches, trainers, (people) managers and HR professionals.

As a professional, you also need a good basic knowledge of Spiral Dynamics. To this end we regularly offer online training and for larger groups we can provide in-company training. In addition, our partner Synnervate in the Netherlands offers a comprehensive range of training courses in Spiral Dynamics based on open enrollment. See our diary for the current selection of training on offer.

Professionals who have followed our certification training receive 25% to 50% discount on the price of our assessments by registering for a subscription. The subscription price ranges from € 300 (minor user) to € 2,000 (major user) per year. The subscription entitles the holder to a number of profiles and is therefore in fact a prepayment.

Certified Practitioners receive the following facilities:

  • Full research carried out by ValueMatch and the option of carrying out research themselves
  • Access to the practitioners section of the website with all the relevant documentation
  • Participation in Community of Practice meetings and access to the online community
  • Support from the ValueMatch helpdesk
  • Access to ValueBase, including background information, video material, exercises for workshops, tools for coaching sessions, presentation material

Community of Practice

ValueMatch develops its instruments and training in close collaboration with practitioners, making them not only practice-oriented but also user-friendly. Regular meetings are organized with the following aims:

  • Getting acquainted with other ValueMatch practitioners
  • Exchanging practical experiences using ValueMatch profiling
  • Exchanging working methods
  • Inventory of wishes concerning the further development of profiling and study material
  • Latest information about ValueMatch developments

Further mutual exchange takes place via a dedicated Facebook group.