Spiral Dynamics training

Meer over SD opleidingValueMatch offers Spiral Dynamics certification training, given by trainers who have been certified as trainer by Don Beck and who have more than 10 years’ experience in providing these trainings. On behalf of Don Beck we are authorized to certify people at Level 1 and 2.

We provide in-house training for organizations that want to use the Spiral Dynamics's approach in transition projects or in their HR departments. This can range from 'classroom' certification training to experience-oriented workshops including games and theater.

In addition, we regularly provide online training and in Switzerland a 3-day Spiral Dynamics level 1 certification training. In the Netherlands we work with Synnervate who has a wide range of Spiral Dynamics training courses based on open enrollment.

ValueMatch has also developed a unique experience-oriented workshop which brings participants through their own evolution and at the same time explains Spiral Dynamics: the Evolution Experience.

All participants in our training and courses have access to our unique, very extensive, online training environment. See our current range of training on offer, below.