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ValueGame coach set

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The ValueMatch ValueGame allows you to explore eight themes of the organizational culture and structure in a playful manner in workshops: leadership, decision making, humanity, meaning of success, organization structure, meeting structure, accountability and customers. The ValueGame has been developed in collaboration with Perficio adviseurs.

For each theme there is a drawing and a description that describes is for each of the value systems. The front of the card is in black and white, which you can use to let the participants choose without being aware of the underlying value system. The back of the card has the same text and drawing, but with the color of the value system.

This box contains one set of cards for the use of one on one coaching (a box with 8 sets for workshops is also available).

Available in English, German, Dutch and Polish, for Polish please visit the website of our Polish partner.

There is a manual available digitally that contains various workshop structures, click here to download it.

The drawings are created by Marieke van der Velden.

Konrad Olesiewicz on 11-07-2019 05:54 PM
When I saw those I knew I needed them in my toolkit. I mostly work in-house with executives and at the end of each meeting we "play" a round with one category. I found the cards to be a great tool for a) putting the "colours" in long term memory b) broadening horizons about possible company phenomena (meetings, decision-making etc.) c) creating space for discussion about current state or possible improvements. I can see what a great resource and an eye-opener it can be after a a group training. Highly recommend.
Ralph Rickenbach on 13-10-2021 02:19 PM
I use the cards in my coaching to introduce my clients to the concept of Spiral Dynamics in one-on-ones.I love the dialogs that stem from it. It's great that the set is available in German.
Ana Escarpenter on 14-10-2021 01:09 AM
I love the dynamics that playing cards bring to a training or coaching session. The different ways to play with them spark very creativity conversations. Clients are introduced to the spiral bottom-up thanks to their own reflexions which lead to coaching insights!
Stephanie Vella on 10-11-2021 07:20 AM
I simply love these cards and find them extremely powerful in both individual and group Coaching sessions.

They help the Coachees orient themselves into mapping ‘What they see’ and ‘How they feel and think’, but moreover… it gives them Power in mapping what they feel is lacking in themselves and the Work Context that they work in.
I like these cards because they the Coachees to take responsibility on what emerges and then this helps them identify their Gosls in order to set the ‘Next Right Step’ for their Evolution and Wellbeing.

Thank you ValueMatch!
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