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The ValueMatch ValueGame allows you to explore eight themes of the organizational culture and structure in a playful manner in workshops: leadership, decision making, humanity, meaning of success, organization structure, meeting structure, accountability and customers. The ValueGame has been developed in collaboration with Perficio adviseurs.

For each theme there is a drawing and a description that describes is for each of the value systems. The front of the card is in black and white, which you can use to let the participants choose without being aware of the underlying value system. The back of the card has the same text and drawing, but with the color of the value system.

This game will make your workshop more effective and provides an easy way to introduce Spiral Dynamics into organizations. Can also be used in combination with ValueMatch assessments.

Because you need a full set of cards for each participant in your workshop, each game contains 8 sets, in total 384 cards, shipped in a luxury box. 

Available in English, German, Dutch and Polish, for Polish please visit the website of our Polish partner.

The game is provided with a manual that contains various workshop structures, click here to download it.

The drawings are created by Marieke van der Velden.

Shipped within 2 or 3 business days.

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