Pay ValueMatch invoices from non-Euro currencies

Customers from countries that use the Euro can easily pay their invoices via bank transfer. Paying from other currencies there are three options, (formerly TransferWise), or bank transfer.

Wise is by far the cheapest option to pay invoices. They charge about 0,5% transfer fee and their currency transfer-rates are good. So far, we have used it for payments from the US and UK. If you live elsewhere, check whether they operate in your country.

How it works

They transfer the money directly from your account to ours, they don’t keep the money in an account the way Paypal does. In fact, the money does not cross borders, they take your money into their account in your country and transfer the money from their Dutch account into ours.


You first need to sign up with them and they need to verify you. This involves a personal ID and business registration information. Please note that even if they have verified you and you have transferred money, if you transfer a bigger amount next time they may require additional verification such as a home address.

You can choose to send as a private person or as a business, less verification is required if you do it as a private person. However, make sure that the name you provide matches the name on the account, Wise will check this.

Sending money

When you send money you need our name, the email address and in some cases our bank details: ING Bank Amsterdam, IBAN numberNL17INGB0008635042, BIC code INGBNL2A. Then you enter the amount on the invoice and Wise calculates the transfer fee and exchange rate:

  • If your invoice is in Euro; you enter the invoice amount in the ‘recipient gets’ field. Wise then calculates how much you pay in your local currency. Fees for transfer and currency exchange are paid by the sender. Make sure you only send in Euro, else we won't be able to receive the payment. 
  • If you are located in the USA AND have received an invoice in USD, you can pay directly into our USD account with Wise (if your invoice is in Euro, use the instructions above). You can transfer directly from your bank account into ours, you don’t need a Wise account!
    Here are our account details:
    Account Holder:                        TransferWise FBO ValueMatch B.V.
    Account number:                       8310356060
    Wire transfer number:               026073008
    Bank code (SWIFT/BIC):              CMFGUS33
    Routing number (ACH or ABA):  026073150
    Address of the bank:                  TransferWise
                                                          19 W 24th Street
                                                          10010 New York


Because many people have a Paypal account this is an easy and common way to pay. However, Paypal charges a 5% transfer fee. Also, if you pay in your local currency instead of Euro their exchange rates are such that you end up paying 3-5% additional charges, totaling the charges to around 10%.

Paypal takes the transfer fee off the amount you send us, therefore if you want to use Paypal you must tell us and we add an additional 5% transfer fee to the invoice.

How it works

With Paypal you either create your own account and pay into ours, or you use your credit card to pay money into our account. Accounts are linked to a credit card and/or to a bank account. If you pay with Paypal, make sure you send the amount in Euro’s and not in your local currency so you don’t have to pay their excessive exchange rates.

Sending money

ValueMatch can be paid via PayPal using the email address Unless you ordered via our website, if you choose to use PayPal you let us know and we add the 5% fee to the invoice. We then send a payment request to your email address and you can pay the invoice.

Bank transfer

Alternatively, you can send the money directly from your local account. You need our bank details: ING Bank, Amsterdam, IBAN number NL17INGB0008635042, BIC code INGBNL2A in the name of ValueMatch B.V.. When you send money, there is an option to let the transfer fees be paid by the sender, by the receiver or be shared. Please make sure that you, the sender, pays the fees. If you rather not pay the fees please use TransferWise.