ValueMatch has trained hundreds of professional coaches, organizational development consultants, HR professionals, trainers and others around the world. We are active in over 20 countries. In this directory you find professional, or practitioners as we call them, who have opted to have their information published on our website. If you can't find a professional close to you, please contact us.

We are currently in the process of filling this directory, so the practictioner nearest to you may not yet be visible.

Name Company Country Photo
Dr. Sonja Diekmann BCC Dr. Diekmann GmbH Germany Profilfoto_SD.jpg
Teodora Kamenova Bulgaria Teodora_Kamenova_PCC_ECPC.jpg
Wand Lin Freelancer China IMG_9157_1.jpg
Roman Passarge Germany IMG_20191023_152437_zugeschnitten_quer_Schramberg.jpg
Alexander Kiesswetter Freelance Italy alex.jpeg