Jochen Messner

Name:  Jochen Messner
Company:  five4success
Phone:  +49 8036 301 39 24
Country:  Germany
Services offered:  HR services
ValueMatch certification:  Practitioner
Certified since:  2010
Languages offered:  German/English
Description:  Really good ideas for transforming companies, steering agile organizations and establishing New Work practice.There is nothing to fear!
We all have the potential to act courageously even in the most difficult times.

But how do we manage not only to overcome the challenges of the VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity), but to master them in a mature, authentic way, with decency and foresight?

We believe that »inner work« leads to more options for action, and thus to the freedom to focus »outer work« efficiently and joyfully.

Playful performance
For this reason, we have been empowering people in companies to develop new competencies in managing complexity - individually, in teams, in the context of the entire organization, and beyond!

In this way, organizations become the driving force behind a new value economy. Profitable, productive and in long-term coherence to a world worth living in, shared responsibility.

With deep trust in the natural flow of a constantly changing world.