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Trainer set ValueGlasses yellow

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ValueGlasses is a trainers' instrument which helps you easily explain how, when we look at the world from a certain worldview, we cannot understand people looking from another world view. The first six value systems of Spiral Dynamics only see 'themselves'. Green only sees green, red only sees red. If you look at someone wearing green glasses through red glasses then the green glasses look black, and you will not see anything. Yellow symbolizes the ability to look beyond your own value system and worldview, yellow glasses can see both green and red.

This set contains 8 x red, green and yellow.

A set with teal instead of yellow is also available incase you use the colors of Reinventing Organizations.


Stephanie Vella on 10-11-2021 07:30 AM
As I accompany Individuals and Organisations understand Relationship Dynamics and how to learn how to Master Change,iIn my Experiential Training and Coaching Work I find these Glasses to be extremely useful and powerful.
They manage to help anyone, irrelevant of age, culture, level of education or intelligence to understand and ‘Feel’ what Diversity is all about and how we are all biased by our way of Seeing and Thinking.
During the Pandemic I also managed to use these glasses for online teaching to help the coachees and participants to better understand themselves and what was going on around them.

Thank you ValueMatch for this excellent Tool!
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