A unique perspective on the dynamics between people and their work environment

Measure what really matters -
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ValueMatch offers online assessment tools and accompanying services based on the ideas of Spiral Dynamics and Reinventing Organizations. Where other tests and research are based on behavior, our instruments measure underlying value systems. This enables us to uncover the dynamics between people and their workplace and so empower employees, teams and organizations to function better.

The basis for changeOur Spiral Dynamics assessments

The basis for change

Our Spiral Dynamics assessments

Our assessments, based on Spiral Dynamics and Reinventing Organizations, result in three profiles: the value profile, the culture profile and the development profile. Each in their own right and especially when combined, lay the foundations for personal and organizational growth.

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Information for professionalsWorking with Spiral Dynamics yourself

Information for professionals

Working with Spiral Dynamics yourself

Consultants and trainers, as well as HR professionals and managers, use our tools in transition processes and interventions. Read more about how you can help your client or your own organization, move forward with Spiral Dynamics and Reinventing Organizations. Please take a look at our courses.

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Working with ValueMatchCulture surveys.

Working with ValueMatch

Culture surveys

For organizations and professionals who want more insight into the dynamics between employees and organizations, but have no knowledge or experience with ValueMatch instruments, we offer our own advisory and coaching services. Or order a single personal value profile to discover more about yourself.

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"This is an excellent piece of work that is true to the Clare W. Graves tradition and Spiral Dynamics ® extension"

Dr. Don Beck, founder of Spiral Dynamics ® Integral about ValueMatch assessment instruments

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 A few examples of organizations that
have successfully implemented ValueMatch assessment tools include:

Siemens Switzerland

Siemens Switzerland

Vince Energies

Vince Energies

Radboud UMCNetherlands

Radboud UMC

Lufthansa, Germany

Lufthansa, Germany

Lilly Germany

Lilly Germany



Nebraska SynodUSA

Nebraska Synod

BNP ParibasPoland

BNP Paribas

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ValueMatch: the missing link
between Spiral Dynamics, Reinventing Organizations and practice

What makes ValueMatch assessment instruments unique is that they can measure both employee values and organizational culture and structures. This gives insight into how the work environment can best be tailored to suit employees, which in turn helps organizations perform better and lets employees thrive as professionals. In addition, we help organizations inspired by Frederic Laloux's 'Reinventing Organizations', to use our instruments to create a more 'teal' or 'yellow' organization culture and get on track for positive renewal and innovation. We map the current culture and provide a specific framework to become more 'teal'. To achieve this, we offer a unique Spiral Dynamics extension built on the principles of Reinventing Organizations.

Do an assessment now

Do an assessment now

You can try our assessments straight away! Just go to our shop and order a values report. You can fill in the questionnaire immediately and receive our report within one working day along with an explanation of Spiral Dynamics, the assessment, your results and a personal analysis.

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