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Information for current PeopleSCAN users

The director of PeopleSCAN, Kevin Furgess, has informed us that their service will be discontinued by the end of May 2014. As we have always had a good relationship with Kevin and much appreciate the work he has done to deliver these services, we are committed to offer a smooth transation to those PeopleSCAN users who choose to transfer to ValueMatch.

ValueMatch instruments are a next generation development specifically aimed at the use in organizations for coaching, training and consulting work. Our instruments are based on the work of Clare W. Graves and are endorsed by Don Beck.

Many former PeopleSCAN users today use ValueMatch. They are very satisfied with our services, specifically the quality of our questionnaires, our profiles, documentation and the ease of use of our services.

We offer a free tryout for current PeopleSCAN customers, please contact us about the details.

Some of the specific qualities of our instruments and services are: 

  • Our instruments are designed with great care to reflect accurately the value systems active in people, teams and organizations. Much effort has gone into testing and validating our instruments.
  • Our questionnaires are designed to be used in organizations, the language used is professional and contemporary and the themes we query are fitting to a workplace context.
  • ValueMatch is built to make things easy for professionals and their customers. We deliver full services, running the surveys for you up to delivering the PDF based profiles on the dates you request them. Customers always get just one questionnaire, receive personalized messages and reminders and never loose data if they are interrupted filling out the questionnaires. However if you would prefer, you can still do much of the work yourself.
  • Our instruments are available in English, German and Dutch including the documentation for Practitioners.
  • We generate high quality PDFs that are easy to understand and can be applied in any professional environment. After the summer we will also have complete written reports available, including personal interpretations.
  • We create group averages in individual reports.
  • We continues to improve the quality of our instruments. We frequently do statistical analysis on our data and work with highly trained SDI practitioners to validate our profiles in practical application. At this moment two universities are doing research work with the aid of our instruments and give us more information about validity.
  • We work closely with our customers to continuously improve the quality of our instruments and services. In The Netherlands and Switzerland we have active Communities of Practice for this.

Some questions you may have if you consider using our services:

What changes if I work with ValueMatch?

The ValueMatch system works differently from PeopleSCAN. On our website you can either request surveys to be fully carried out by ValueMatch or you can start a survey that you conduct yourself. You can follow the progress of your surveys. Results are generated by ValueMatch to ensure high quality PDFs, to process data and (soon) to create customized reports.

When you have experience working with PeopleSCAN you can use our Values and Change profiles directly without training. Our workplace culture profile is new for you but former PeopleSCAN users have picked this up quickly. We offer comprehensive manual for all our instruments in English, German and Dutch.

When you use ValueMatch there is no need to process your data in Excel, download any local software and our online services are really simple to use and require very little ICT skills.

As we process the data for you we have the possibility to do extra's such as create group averages in personal profiles, create different groups, generate Word documents instead of PDF documents and create interpretations. The disadvantage compared to PeopleSCAN is that you have to wait for us to generate the profiles, mostly they are available within one business day.

How about the pricing?

ValueMatch has a different pricing model. We don't have anual fees, instead we ask our customers to commit to spending a minumum of 300 euro (ex VAT) per year on profiles. Any money you pay us goes directly towards the use of profiles.

Eventhough our prices are amongst the lowest in the market on average our prices will be higher than the PeopleSCAN prices but please consider that for this you receive:

  1. Full service in conducting surveys
  2. Much higher quality reports for your customer. No need to proces your data in Excel anymore
  3. Higher quality questionnaires that are better fit for using in organizational contexts
  4. ValueMatch invests much time and effort in continuously improving their offering and developing new products
  5. After this summer, Valuematch will complete the PDF reports with explanations and personal interpetation.

The more you use the lower the price per profile gets. We have prices for the use of one, two or three profiles per person. Some examples:

  • If you run a survey with two profiles per user on an entry level subscription you pay 45 euro per person.
  • If you run a survey with three profiles per user on a large subscription you pay 35 euro per person.
  • Group profiles are double the price of a personal profile.

Please contact us for more details on pricing. If you currently have financial commitments already made to your customers based on PeopleSCAN pricing, let us know and we will try to help you out as much as we can.

Do you use the same questionnaires as PeopleSCAN?

ValueMatch has developed new questionnaires that are not based on the ones used by PeopleSCAN. All questions are new and we have added new features such as measuring "under pressure" and "aspiration" in the Values Profile. Some of the profiles we generate look similar to the PeopleSCAN ones but we create our own features and have made them easier to read for people without Spiral Dynamics knowledge.

For getting insights into workplace cultures we have developed a completely new product, measuring the current situation and the desired situation. For more information on our products see the menu "instruments" on this website.

Our products are extensively tested, validated by experienced SDI coaches and consultants, statistically analysed and endorsed by dr. Don Beck.

How about my old data?

Kevin will make sure you get your old data saved and can use it off-line. Unfortunately we can not process the PeopleSCAN data.

What is the business relationship between ValueMatch and PeopleSCAN?

PeopleSCAN and ValueMatch are independent organizations.

 I am interested, what do I do?

Send us an e-mail and we will contact you on phone or Skype to discuss your specific needs. If you like you get a free tryout so you can experience the quality of our products and find out what is different.


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